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Since 2015, Newmew Nepal has been committed to satisfying the needs of numerous Nepalese individuals by providing affordable, high-quality eyewear. Over time, our product range has expanded to include over 1,000 distinctive eyewear styles and designs.

Between 2015 and 2017, we conducted our business primarily online, during which we witnessed a significant upsurge in demand for our eyewear. This growth can be attributed to our unique and effective marketing strategy, which strongly resonated with our target audience. Recognizing the potential for further growth, in 2017, we strategically decided to establish a physical store in Baneshwor, a vibrant area within the picturesque Kathmandu Valley. This decision aimed to expand our customer base and offer a tangible shopping experience for our valued clients. Our presence in such a prominent location was intended to bolster our brand and cultivate enduring customer relationships.

Within a year of observing the rapid increase in eyewear demand, we redirected our focus towards future expansion. Consequently, we successfully opened three additional stores in Newroad, Pokhara, and Butwal, both inside and outside the valley.

Over a four-year span, we effectively expanded our presence across the country. Our CEO, Ashim Thapa, envisioned offering premium sunglasses to customers, leading to the introduction of our second product line, Limitless, in 2019.

Furthermore, we established numerous additional stores in various locations such as Surkhet, Itahari, Dharan, Birtamode, Kumaripati, Boudha, and Hetauda, spanning regions both within and beyond the valley. These expansions occurred at three-year intervals between 2021 and 2023 in response to substantial customer demand.

Throughout this eight-year journey, several significant factors contributed to our success. Our unwavering commitment to quality allowed us to design products that consistently exceeded customer expectations, resulting in the respect and loyalty of our customers. We highly value building enduring connections with our customers, and our company remains dedicated to delivering top-tier customer service within our industry.


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